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Internet Explorer Upgrade

02/03/2010 00:14



Internet Explorer 8: Home page

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Why upgrade to Internet Explorer 8?

  • Surfing the web is quicker with Internet Explorer 8, thanks to performance improvements that contribute to an overall faster and more responsive web browsing experience. You'll wonder why you didn't switch from Internet Explorer 6 sooner!

  • With Internet Explorer 8 you don't have to open up a new window to find information such as driving directions—now you can get the information without leaving the page you are on by using Accelerators.

  • Search smarter and find what you want more quickly. Internet Explorer 8 combines your browsing history with detailed suggestions from your favorite search providers to give you more targeted search results. Let the instant search box speed you along with image and text suggestions that appear as you type.

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Windows 7 comes with Internet Explorer 8.
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